Sanjeev Goel

Corporate Trainer & Consultant

Professional Summary

Experience : 26+  Years

Trainer & Consultant in Delhi, India having an experience of 26+ years in training & development in the fields of Aviation, IT, Telecom, Management, Soft Skills & French language.

Sanjeev Goel: Freelance Trainer & Consultant in Delhi, India

Sanjeev Goel is a highly regarded freelance trainer and consultant based in Delhi, India. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he has made a significant impact on individuals and businesses seeking to enhance their skills and performance in various professional domains.

Professional Expertise

Sanjeev Goel possesses a diverse range of professional expertise, including but not limited to leadership development, team building, sales training, and communication skills. His thorough understanding of industry-specific challenges and opportunities enables him to tailor his training and consulting services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Training Approach

Sanjeev Goel is known for his interactive and engaging training approach, which is designed to maximize learning retention and practical application. By utilizing real-life examples, case studies, and role-playing exercises, he creates a dynamic learning environment that empowers participants to implement newfound knowledge and skills within their respective roles.

Client Impact

Through his training and consulting services, Sanjeev Goel has significantly impacted the performance and productivity of numerous individuals and organizations. His ability to inspire and motivate professionals at all levels has resulted in tangible improvements in areas such as leadership effectiveness, sales performance, and overall team cohesiveness.


Sanjeev Goel’s clients consistently praise his ability to deliver transformative training experiences that yield measurable results. Testimonials reflect his exceptional communication skills, in-depth subject matter knowledge, and unwavering commitment to the success of those he works with.

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Sanjeev Goel remains dedicated to expanding his freelance training and consulting services to reach a broader audience of professionals seeking personal and professional development. His vision includes the development of online courses and webinars to make his expertise more accessible to individuals and businesses worldwide.

Sanjeev Goel’s impact as a freelance trainer and consultant in Delhi, India, is undeniable. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his dynamic and results-driven approach, has positioned him as a trusted advisor and mentor to those striving for continuous improvement and success in their professional endeavors.

Sanjeev Goel: Expert Freelance Trainer & Consultant in Delhi, India

Sanjeev Goel is a highly skilled and experienced freelance trainer and consultant based in Delhi, India. With a passion for helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals, Sanjeev has garnered a reputation for his expertise in providing top-notch training and consultancy services. Let’s delve into the valuable skills and services that Sanjeev Goel brings to the table.

The Expertise of Sanjeev Goel

Sanjeev Goel brings a wealth of expertise to his role as a freelance trainer and consultant. With a background in diverse industry sectors, Sanjeev is equipped with the knowledge and insight to deliver exceptional training programs and consultancy services. His deep understanding of various industries allows him to provide valuable guidance and support to his clients, empowering them to excel in their endeavors.

Freelance Training Services

Sanjeev Goel offers a comprehensive range of freelance training services tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations. Whether it’s training or consulting services, Sanjeev leverages his expertise to design and deliver engaging and impactful training programs. His hands-on approach and interactive teaching style ensure that participants gain practical skills and valuable knowledge that they can apply with confidence.

Consultancy Services

In addition to his training offerings, Sanjeev Goel provides consultancy services that are designed to drive success and growth for his clients. Sanjeev offers strategic insights and actionable recommendations that enable businesses to make informed decisions and achieve their objectives. His collaborative approach and attention to detail make him a trusted partner for organizations seeking expert consultancy support.

Impactful Results

The impact of Sanjeev Goel’s expertise as a freelance trainer and consultant is evident in the success stories of his clients. Through his guidance and support, individuals have been able to achieve results of training, while businesses have experienced benefits of consultancy services. Sanjeev’s commitment to driving positive outcomes underscores his dedication to delivering exceptional results for those he serves.

Sanjeev Goel’s proficiency as a freelance trainer and consultant in Delhi, India, makes him a highly sought-after professional in his field. His ability to deliver impactful training programs and consultancy services sets him apart, and his track record of driving success speaks volumes about the value he brings to his clients. Whether it’s through training or consultancy, Sanjeev Goel continues to make a meaningful difference in the professional development and growth of those he engages with.

Work Experience

Present : Corporate Trainer & Consultant