Management Trainer in Delhi India

What is Management Training? 

Management training is a learning and development activity focused on developing the skills, knowledge and understanding of Managers so that they can better fulfil their roles.

People undertaking management training can be at different levels; they may be aspiring managers, experienced managers and anything in between. They may also be line managers, responsible for a person or team of people, or a functional manager, responsible for a particular area of work.

Whether on one of our open courses or an in-house course exclusively for your organization, you will experience:

  • Highly practical management training, developing management skills and know-how that can be applied immediately in your manager role
  • Participants being challenged to consider how they lead and manage, to become more self-aware and to ultimately do things better
  • Highly relevant learning content and materials that ensure managers understand how they can apply management tools and techniques back at work

We have a range of management training courses that cover the core skills required by managers at different levels and in different areas:

  • Core Skills for Managers – an engaging and practical development opportunity for line managers and middle managers.
  • Core Skills for Project Management – a short training course to provide you with the essential tools and techniques to successfully deliver projects to specification, on time and within budget.
  • HR Skills for Line Managers –  a training course you will develop decisive people management skills to get the best out of your teams whilst avoiding costly HR issues.
  • Coaching Skills for Managers – this highly engaging coaching course, you will be challenged to consider how you develop others using high impact coaching skills.
  • Performance Management – this course will help you develop the skills required to build a highly effective team.
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers – a course is designed to provide you with a broad understanding of the vocabulary, principles and application of accounting and financial techniques used to measure company financial performance.
  • The Management Training Development Programs provides a continuing educational avenue for for young graduates, Employees of  Organizations, Entrepreneurs and Students. These programs focus on current changes happening in Economy; Financial Sector; Behavioral Science; Imparting Management Skills etc.
  • Introduction to Lean Management System, Productivity, People Management, Updates are developed and offered through MDP’s. Also programs are developed based on popular books on management.
  • These programs are offered at moderate fee and are conducted in a professional manner. Highly efficient faculties engage to conduct these programs. Feedback for each programs is taken and continuously monitored.



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