Soft Skills Trainer in Delhi India

Expertise of Sanjeev Goel as a Soft Skills Trainer

– Plan, organize, and administer the prescribed curriculum

– Facilitate day-to-day classes to assist students in gaining knowledge and soft skills needed to secure employment.

– Conduct classes in an atmosphere that promotes caring and respect in accordance with the Mission and Vision.

– Impart Training on communication, intercultural or interpersonal skills, workplace readiness, behavioral and personality development etc.

– Assess and evaluate students for their proficiency, comprehension, familiarity with the course/subject, job-readiness.

– Lead, Support & Facilitate Student selection, enrollment and placement efforts along with other center personnel; Student Counseling.

– Prepare and submit written weekly reports.

– Plan and implement educational activities, co-curricular activities, large and small group workshops, social service activities.

– Instruct students in job seeking, application procedures, resume writing, interview preparation and job retention skills and attitudes.

– Ensure the delivery of services which are reflective of an Independent Living, self-sufficiency, and empowerment.

Skills and knowledge as a Soft Skills Trainer

– Strong interpersonal skills and social values.

– demonstrate patience & perseverance.

– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

– Excellent written and verbal communications skills.

– Zeal to work for the betterment of the participants.

Sanjeev Goel is a Soft Skills trainer for fresh graduates and employees who requires a lot of dedication from both employers and the organization. Employees must be eager to develop themselves, and the organization must be ready to provide the right learning opportunities and a supportive environment for their people to do so.


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