Telecom Trainer in Delhi – India

Job Responsibilities of a Telecom Engineer

Tasks and duties

  • Designing, developing, testing and installing voice and data telecommunications networks.

  • Developing proposals and determining costs and timelines for telecommunications projects.

  • Testing and implementing new products and services.

  • Configuring networks and interconnected systems using equipment and components from multiple manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Researching, analyzing and designing system specifications.

  • Analyzing demand data and forecasted network growth to determine capabilities.

  • Ensuring compliance with regulations and legislation.

  • Identifying and solving issues with current network systems.

  • Monitoring systems and identifying needs for upgrades and enhancements.

  • Deciding the technology and hardware to be used in a network implementation

Sanjeev Goel is a Telecom Trainer in Delhi, India. He has been preparing Engineering Graduates for Careers in Telecom since 1996. He has spoken at national and international conferences on telecom technologies and written articles on skill development. He has the capability to conduct the telecom courses for engineers and management graduates.

To make his trainings as per the goals of the participants, Sanjeev Goel has the following capabilities as a Telecom Trainer….

  • Excellent written and verbal English communication
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent designing and presentation skills
  • Critical-thinker, problem-solver and ability to multi task
  • Experience in creating training modules and material

Expertise of Sanjeev Goel as a Telecom Trainer

  • Work with managers to determine training needs within teams

  • Prepare training curriculums, and educational material such as modules, presentations, videos etc.

  • Conduct seminars, workshops, individual training sessions

  • Support and mentor new employees

  • Plan and schedule training sessions

  • Design, implement and deliver training programs- soft skills and management trainings

  • Manage training budgets, and create annual training plans

  • Align trainings with employee performance and productivity

  • Actively lead the employee engagement function

  • Strategize on charting the growth and learning curves for all employees at different levels of the organization.


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