Training Course on Digital Transformation


This Course offers a unique combination of theory, practical applications and case studies on digital transformation strategies.

Digital transformation is the process of changing conventional business models enabled by digital technologies. This involves strategically deploying digital technologies to create differential value of an organization. Digital transformation encompasses strategy changes, business model innovation, product and process innovation, and organizational innovation, all wrapped in a layer of newer technologies.

This course helps define transformation and digitalization and contrasts them with digitization and automation. The course also presents a comprehensive digital strategy framework and describes each of its elements through several examples and exhibits. It provides useful insights into industry-specific cases, suggests detailed templates for digital implementation, and describes the risks in execution of digitalization and potential mitigation strategies. 

Key Features:

  • Covers all the key aspects of digital transformation required to build a career in consulting and implementation of digital strategy in business
  • Cases and examples from multiple industrial sectors to aid understanding of real-life practices and implementation of digital transformation
  • Structured in a reader-friendly manner to engage students, instructors, and junior and mid-level executives
  • Assumes no prior understanding of strategy, product development or process innovation 

What is Digital Business & Digital Transformation

Cloud Computing

Mobility & Mobile Technologies

Internet of Things

Big Data

Business Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning

Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies

E – Business & E – Commerce

Business Process Automation

Agile Business Processes

Lean Organization

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Experience

Maximize Sales and Profits

Digital Innovations & Case Studies

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