Workshop – Internet of Things

Training Workshop : 5 Days
Workshop Agenda
The Internet of Everything (IoE) creates $14.4 trillion in Value at Stake — the combination
of increased revenues and lower costs that is created or will migrate among companies and
industries from 2013 to 2022.
Source – CISCO

Workshop Contents

What is Internet of Things ( IoT )
Defintion & Characteristics & Frameworks of IoT
Domain Specific IoT Use Cases
IoT key Technologies
Evolving IoT Standards ( oneM2M, IoTWF )
IoT Network Architecture
The Core IoT Functional Stack
“ Things “ in IoT
Connecting Smart Objects
IoT Access Technologies
Layer 1 / 2 Connectivity

IoT Network Layer
Application Protocols
IoT Physical Servers & Cloud Offerings
Data & Analytics for IoT
IoT Industry Case Studies
• IoT in Manufacuring
• IoT in Oil and Gas
• IoT in Utilities
• IoT in Smart and Connected cities
• IoT in Transportation
• IoT in Mining
• IoT in Public Safety

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